Why Jaipur Education Plus ?


Globally Accepted Teaching Technique

Unique education delivery methodology is adopted with standardized technique. Classroom discussions are encouraged. Lessons are well planned and content delivered is standard & exhaustive.Syllabus is finished well within stipulated time frame.

Teaching through role plays is one of our unique features in teaching techniques. Here we ask students to prepare some already taught topics and explain those topics in class to all other students. This technique gives tremendous results, as it makes students to do in depth study, also their self-confidence is boosted and they are build-up into more skilled public speakers.

Experiment sessions

At JEP we have well equipped lab for conducting practical/Experiments related to board exams as well as other classes. Students are made to do hands on experiment and practice for their practical exams.

Online Testing System

Students get facility of online testing system through which they can test their exam preparation and boost their confidence by understanding the exam pattern and analyzing their competence level.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

JEP has pool of well qualified and highly talented teachers. Faculty team is highly professional and comprise of academicians and subject experts. Expertise of teachers make complex problems easy to understand for students.

Excellent Results Track record.

At JEP teaching strategy is result oriented. Students get quality education, high standard study material and motivation to perform. Our outstanding results reflects it.

Online/Offline Doubt Clearance Sessions

At JEP separate doubt solving sessions are conducted so that students can build clear concepts and confidence to solve complex problems. Students are encouraged to bring more and more doubts.

Motivational Sessions

JEP conducts motivational classes from time to time to inspire students to outperform by using their full potential. Our founder Mr. Ankit Chhabra himself conducts such sessions time to time to encourage students to out shine in various exams.

Parents-Teachers Meetings

Parent-Teachers’ collaborated efforts, is one of the keys essentials for students’ good performance. So, to maximize students ‘performance JEP conducts PTMs on regular basis. PTMs are a mode of feedback through which both JEP and parents are benefitted in analyzing students ‘competence level and sorting out ways to reach common goal of improving students’ performance.

Biometric Daily Attendance Monitoring

Biometric attendance system enables parents to track daily/lecture wise attendance. JEP sends daily/monthly attendance alerts to the parents of absentees.

Disciplined and Student Centric Learning Environment

We believe that each student is unique with certain qualities and has unique learning style. So, to inculcate the best qualities in them we go for student centric learning environment. Mode of lecture delivery is just not unidirectional rather lectures are interactive and students are encouraged to raise their doubts.

Comprehensive Study Material

Study material and test papers are designed by expert faculty of JEP. Study material is meticulously prepared keeping in consideration relevance, reliability and latest exams pattern.

Revision Classes Cum Study Circles to Target Exams

Extra revision classes are conducted to specially prepare students for exams. When schools and other coaching institutes declare holidays for self-study to prepare for exams, JEP conducts revision classes. Teachers monitored study circles are formed where students do self-study in the presence of teachers to clear their doubts on the spot.

JEP Digital Learning Programs

JEP offers live online courses with JEP faculty, all at your own house. Online courses allow students to enjoy benefits of learning from JEP expert faculty without facing the hassle

Modern Infrastructure and facilities

Classroom have smartboards and are CCTV camera equipped. Classroom are well lit and spacious. Library has wide range of reference and standard books to help students do self-study at institute premises as well. Wi-Fi excess is provided to students for educational purpose and online tests conducted at institute premises. Well-equipped Lab with latest apparat us for experiments is there and also students are allowed to do hand on practice.

Monitoring and Reviewing

With regular practice tests and complete course test series, students can analyze their performance and review their progress among other students. Comprehensive performance & progress reports further help students prepare better for board and competitive exams.

What People Says ?

Teachers in the institute are best and teaching methodology used is also very good. Mixture of traditional and modern techniques are used for teaching. For human touch and in depth explanation white board marker method is used as traditional way. For real time experience of any topic/subject and as modern technique various power point presentations, video clips, labeled 3-D images etc are used. With these teaching methods better learning is formed. Teachers are very knowledgeable and they are our role model.



All teachers are professional as well as knowledgeable. Teachers have friendly and guiding attitude towards students. Teachers are fair and unbiased, and treat all students equally without any favourism. Individual attention is given to each and every student.



Classes are scheduled properly. For school exams separate sessions are scheduled, for individual students also. This help in doubt clearing and better exam preparation. Weaker students are given special attention.



Teachers posses great perseverance level, they explain topics as many times as asked to explain, till it is crystal clear.....



Entire syllabus is covered and topics are discussed in detail. Teachers possess deep knowledge of subject being taught. Teachers inspire and motivate students to perform better. Guidance is also provided for better future.



JEP Specifications

Each batch consists of 15 to 20 students. Individual attention is given to each and every Student irrespective of one’s standing in the merit at any point of time. We never increase our batch size beyond a limit.

Weekly Assesments

We conduct regular tests to streamline student’s preparation for exam.

Parent Teacher Meet

Our motto is to enrich student’s performance through coordinated efforts of faculty and parents.

Weekly Attendance Report

We conduct regular tests to streamline student’s preparation for exam.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

These sessions aim to make the concept of each student crystal clear without leaving anything for chance.

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