Scholarship Scheme

Check out the various Scholarship Schemes offered by Jaipur Education Plus to students.


(JEP Admission Cum Scholarship Test)

Up to 90% Total


For 5th to 12th studying students

Online Admission Cum Scholarship Test

Scholarship Test Details

!!!!!Take the test at a dateand time allotted on registration!!!!!

Online Test Facility

Timings: Between 10 am to 5 pm I Duration: 60 mins

Mode: Online

Applicable for: JEE Mains I NEET I XI-XII PCMBI VI-X + Foundation


Test Highlights

Online test ensures safety of all students.

Flexible timings- students can choose and select any time slot between 10 am to 5 pm

Conducted on holidays so as to suit students’ convenience.

Various Scholarships at JEP

JEP offers various scholarships throughout the year to make learning more affordable and accessible for students and parents. JEP offers up to 100%* scholarship on its classroom courses. The scholarships can be availed through our several scholarship tests and exams. One can start by filling a short scholarship application form to register for the online scholarship tests. Most of the tests are conducted online but one may also take scholarship tests offline at the branch level as well.

What is JEPACST?

Some of our scholarship tests like JEPACST (online Admission Cum Scholarship Test) offer instant scholarship on result declaration. Students can then take admission into JEP Classroom Programs with the scholarshipreceivedthrough JEPACST. You can register for the JEPACST online scholarship exam here and get a scholarship.

Who can apply and get a Scholarship at JEP?

Class5th class 6th 7th8th, class 9th, class 10th, class 11th and class 12th can register for scholarship exams. The Scholarship can be availed for any of the classroom courses.

In addition to this, there are a few other categories and criteria where Scholarships are awarded.

The Scholarships at JEP are offered to the students broadly divided into three categories:

  • Merit Scholarships (Scholarship on Merit basis) 
  • Other Scholarships (Scholarship for Special cases)  
  • Ex-Jepians Scholarship (Scholarship for Ex-Jepians)  
Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships are awarded solely based on a student’s performance in-

  1. Admission Cum Scholarship Test (ACST, iACST) / Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE)
  2. Class VIII / IX / X and/or Class XII Marks system
  3. Class X Grade system 
  4. NTSE and KVPY scholarship exams 
  5. HBCSE and Mathematical Olympiads 

NEET and JEE (Main & Advanced) entrance exams

Other Scholarships

Other Scholarships are given in some Special Cases as –

  1. Single Parent/ Divorcee: Suitable consideration is given to the student, who has lost his/her father and is being raised by his/her mother only. This facility will be given to the wards of female divorcees also.
  2. Sibling: Due consideration is given to the student, who already has a sibling studying in any of the classroom courses at Aakash
  3. Defence / Police: Appropriate Scholarship is given to the ward of various Defence Personnel who are currently serving in the Indian Armed Forces. 

Martyr: Due consideration is given to the student, who has lost his/her father/mother during his/her service either in War, Terrorist Warfare or Govt. Operation.

Ex-Jepians Scholarship- Concession is offered to our ex-students -
  1. Who has once studied in any of the courses at JEP. 
  2. He / she must have paid the full course fee. 
  3. Left out / Droppers will not be given this benefit.

Note: The scholarships are offered only on Tuition fees. The student is required to submit the proof for the same to avail respective scholarship(s). Details & eligibility of the scholarships is given in the subsequent sections.

Scholarship means Fee Concession, Fee Discount and Fee Waiver: If at any point of time the government decides to charge GST on the scholarship / concession amount / fee waiver and prize money, then the GST shall be borne by the students/ parents/ guardians.

What People Says ?

Teachers in the institute are best and teaching methodology used is also very good. Mixture of traditional and modern techniques are used for teaching. For human touch and in depth explanation white board marker method is used as traditional way. For real time experience of any topic/subject and as modern technique various power point presentations, video clips, labeled 3-D images etc are used. With these teaching methods better learning is formed. Teachers are very knowledgeable and they are our role model.



All teachers are professional as well as knowledgeable. Teachers have friendly and guiding attitude towards students. Teachers are fair and unbiased, and treat all students equally without any favourism. Individual attention is given to each and every student.



Classes are scheduled properly. For school exams separate sessions are scheduled, for individual students also. This help in doubt clearing and better exam preparation. Weaker students are given special attention.



Teachers posses great perseverance level, they explain topics as many times as asked to explain, till it is crystal clear.....



Entire syllabus is covered and topics are discussed in detail. Teachers possess deep knowledge of subject being taught. Teachers inspire and motivate students to perform better. Guidance is also provided for better future.



JEP Specifications

Each batch consists of 15 to 20 students. Individual attention is given to each and every Student irrespective of one’s standing in the merit at any point of time. We never increase our batch size beyond a limit.

Weekly Assesments

We conduct regular tests to streamline student’s preparation for exam.

Parent Teacher Meet

Our motto is to enrich student’s performance through coordinated efforts of faculty and parents.

Weekly Attendance Report

We conduct regular tests to streamline student’s preparation for exam.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

These sessions aim to make the concept of each student crystal clear without leaving anything for chance.

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